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Employment Hubs Near Sarjapur Road

Apartments have gained popularity in Bengaluru, particularly on the city's outskirts, where the most development occurs. Sarjapur Road is one such area undergoing a real estate boom. There is a vast market for residential buildings here as it is one of the city's residential streets and represents growing areas such as Whitefield, Koramangala, and Electronic City.

Employment hubs near Sarjapur Road

Employees and executives in the government sector and staff in small and medium enterprises are the main buyers and residents here. However, IT professionals are making substantial breakthroughs into this sector, and the resident profile is thus turning into a multicultural one.

Here are a few of major employment hubs in the area:

  • Infosys SEZ Tech Park
  • Wipro's corporate head office
  • Electronic City – around 28 kilometres
  • Mysore Road – about 16 kilometres
  • BMIC corridor

The thriving Bengaluru economy has a significant impact on the market for upcoming properties on Sarjapur Road, particularly for e-commerce and IT ventures. In this area, the IT tech giant Infosys owns a 202-acre special economic zone (SEZ). Another IT giant, Wipro, has constructed a sprawling campus along the path, employing over 2,500 people.

With the establishment of various major corporations and employment hubs in the surrounding communities, Sarjapur Road experienced an immersive growth in the real estate sector. Because of its distinctive infrastructure and appealing real estate ventures, the region is quickly becoming one of the top locations in Bangalore to invest in and buy a property.

Setting up investment in the area is a wise decision since its value will rise in the coming days. The popularity of apartments on Sarjapur Road has increased due to the connectivity benefits that it provides to its residents.

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